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It seems like there is no other field where information plays its leading role. Processing and applying it correctly is all learners’ primary task. It has become more exciting to study as number of companies suggest solutions that assist in learning. They can make students ed-addicted, as they are always helpful, and improve student lives, so that learning can become a real pleasure.

But what about students who can’t enjoy the attainment of the modern world due to economic or political situation. Let’s change it!  Some companies like P1:K have already shared our values promoted at AIM and decided to collaborate. P1:K shared its advanced learning solutions like Unicheck, a plagiarism checker that scans papers similarities and Emma, an innovative artificial intelligence product that processes texts and defines authorship.

Do not hesitate to support our movement, since together we can make education better. We’ll be glad to see you as our partner! Let’s keep in touch.