AIM. Growing academic integrity together. 

At AIM, we strongly believe that academic ethics is the number one priority for building up a better academic environment and taking education quality to the next level. Honesty and transparency help organize learning process in a simple, yet thoroughly structured way.

We strive to tackle the existing problem of academic plagiarism, bribery, deception, professional misconduct and corruption not through punishing or threatening, but through cultivating academic honesty values worldwide.

We would like to give a chance for everyone involved into the learning process to open up their individuality and freely share acquired knowledge, experience and best practices. It does become possible the moment we grow academic integrity seeds and explain why they are so precious. Honesty, openness, trust and responsibility are the key values.

Knowing that many academic institutions are missing efficient technologies, AIM welcomes learning solutions providers to share their tools, apps, plugins, learning management systems, etc.

This will help schools, colleges and universities across the globe focus more on cultivating academic honesty values, rather than searching for extra donations or funding to survive.

Who We Are

AIM stands for Academic Integrity Movement. We are willing to unite academic institutions to create the basis for promotion of the academic integrity principles.


When joined, academic insitutions will get free access to the technologies donated by the AIM tech-partners. And in such a way they will have more favourable conditions to share knowledge and innovative ideas teaching students to respect their peers’ rights and exchange gained knowledge without plagiarizing.

For more information about AIM’s mission and its creators, you are welcome to check the About Us page.

Why AIM Exists

Higher education principles should be based on trust, honesty and respect. Nurturing and supporting them help build a fair system of collaboration in academia. Students learn to be responsible, analyze, make assumptions and develop their personal voice. This should be given much attention to and this is our mission. 

Fair collaboration in the world of science will boost professors’ initiatives and enhance a desire to cooperate and create outstanding inventions together without being afraid of copyright infringement.

Such quality as respect may not only improve communication, but make students change their attitude towards studying by attending classes and being able to consider opinion of others.

Promoting and following academic integrity standards disciplines participants of the learning process and gives an idea of how to study according to ethical standards in the era of digial technology development when it becomes hard to control the information flow.

Our mission is to grow the generation of independent thinkers who value honesty and transparency by suggesting a variety of tech solutions that our partners provide. They will be an invaluable addition to carrying out research, writing papers or arranging a teacher-student workflow efficiently. AIM will help make the world of academia smarter and more supportive.

Why Join Us

Contributing to AIM by giving free access to educational Solutions will give you a clear understanding of how education worldwide changes for the better.

With advanced learning solutions, academic institutions will be able to dedicate more time to the educational process itself. The more edtech providers contribute, the wider opportunities each school, college or university would have to establish more efficient learning conditions. 

Everyone who studies, will get an incredible opportunity to dive into the world of science and grow network.

Who Can Become AIM Member

Firstly, AIM is planning to collaborate with the educational institutions from all around the world. The next step will be to welcome individuals (teachers, students, volunteers) to join AIM as well to expand our Community later.

AIM is willing to cooperate with non-profit organizations too. Among them can be private foundations, publicly-supported charities, or exempt-organizations to provide education for people in need.

AIM Tech-Partners

AIM welcomes all organizations that develop edtech solutions to share them and become AIM tech-partners.

AIM has already started partnering up with P1:K company that agreed to contribute Unicheck, a plagiarism checker that scans papers for similarities, and Emma, an absolutely innovative AI product that identifies authorship by processing texts.

Our Global Prospects

We are striving to create favorable conditions to promote academic integrity principles worldwide and are planning to join at least 10,000 academic institutions in half a year.

AIM will provide with boundless opportunities to collaborate for everyone who supports moral codes in education.